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Staying Motivated in the Workplace

How do you stay motivated at work?

Ever find yourself looking at your computer screen, just waiting for something to happen? Well here are a few tips to help you stay motivated and improve your work life. These are things I have used in my work place to help me stay motivated. Hopefully they help you in making it through your workday. So lets just jump right into it shall we?


First off in order to stay productive and make everyday count in the fast moving world you need to set goals. Now this may seem like a very simple thing to do because that’s what we have been taught our whole lives, to set goals and to reach them. But we are going to try and make it so you are setting goals everyday, goals that need to be accomplished before the workday is over. This will help you stay on task and make it so at the end of the day you feel accomplished, and happy with your day at work.


In order to come up with that next big idea, you have to let your mind slow itself down. Don’t try to be a workaholic and always push out project after project. Take breaks and give your mind and body time to relax and breathe. It makes a world of difference in a stressful work place.


If you give yourself the feeling of success and accomplishment you need to reward yourself. These rewards don’t have to be anything big or expensive. Just give you that satisfaction to reflect on your accomplishments. It gives you more appreciation for your work and it also makes it so you are more inclined to put in the effort on the next project.

Take a walk.
Buy yourself a beer (off the clock of course)
Give yourself 5 more minutes at lunch
Buy yourself a nice lunch
Make time to go on a hike.


This goes along the lines of rewarding yourself, but it is very important to stay motivated. You can very easily get lost in work and forgetting what awaits you on the outside of work. It is good to keep a balance between work and play. It is essential for your motivation level but is also important for your overall wellbeing. Make sure you are doing things that you enjoy outside of work. Connect with friends, exercising, reading, writing, or any other hobbies.