Simplii- Starting a New Business

Starting a New Business?

Starting a New Business? Check Out These Tips!

In order to start a successful new business you need to have a specific customer that you want to appeal to. Having a good idea of your target market will give you a heads up on how to reach out to your customers, it also gives you an idea of where to market for them.

After you have your ideal customer picked out, its time to get your hands dirty in the guerrilla marketing techniques! Guerrilla marketing is low, to no cost marketing. This type of marketing helps you establish a client base that you can continue to sale too and build from. It is the best way to get the word out about your company! Now what exactly is guerrilla marketing? Well let’s get into it!

Flyers and Posters!

As silly as it may seem, Flyers and posters are a very good way to advertise your company. By handing these out or displaying them in local locations, it makes people start to notice that there is a new company coming up. Go around the area where you plan on opening your doors, put your flyer in the local mailboxes around your establishment. This gives your business a friendly feel about it and makes people interested to see what you have to offer.

Valued Customer Additions!

This method of marketing is one of the biggest selling points of your marketing. Allowing your customers rewards in your store will keep them coming back for more, so the better your returns to your customers the better you customer relations are. It will also set you aside from your competition, especially if your competition doesn’t offer in house rewards.

Get On Google!

One of the biggest things you can do to benefit your business is put your business on Google. This will allow customers to leave you reviews, give you feedback, and it also helps you show up for local searches. I would say that this is the most important thing to have a successful business.

Be You!

In order to be successful in selling your business, you have to sell yourself, be funny, and make jokes! People you are trying to sell to deal with business all day, and so do you. So make it enjoyable to sell your product, and enjoy the time with your customer. This will also help you build a relationship, which will keep them coming back to use your services. Most important, be confident, trust your product and it will sell itself.

Starting a business can be scary, exciting, and hard. But if you stick with it the pay off in the end, and the feeling of accomplishment, will make it all worth it. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start marketing for your new business!